July 26, 2019 Catherine Mendoza

If you’re heading to Catanduanes soon, then I hope you wouldn’t miss these incredible things to see. Here are my top 7.   Rolling hills Batanes is known for its rolling hills and other scenic sights making it a dream destination to many. However, to some, it remains a dream because of its expensive airfare. But did you know that somewhere in Catanduanes, there is a place with an equally breathtaking view? The place is called, Binurong Point, the most famous rolling hills of Catanduanes.     📍Binurong Point, Barangay Guinsaanan, Catanduanes (more…)

July 4, 2019 Catherine Mendoza 11Comment

Macau is just an hour away by ferry from Hong Kong. Very close, right? And the good thing is, even if it’s just a day trip, the selection of getting a glimpse of Macau’s popular landmarks are pretty high!  If you’re in Hong Kong, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll enjoy a side trip to Macau. WHAT YOU NEED  PASSPORT.  You must bring with you your passport, it is necessary before buying your ferry ticket. We bought a ticket at Turbo Jet, one of the travel agencies at the Macau Ferry Terminal. There are several travel agencies to choose from,…