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Hi! I’m Cathy, I’m  the author behind escapesanddiaries.

I’m a 28-year-old, full time online English teacher who love solo traveling and beach bumming. I seriously hate distractions while I’m working my ass off at my own flat. At times, I do private tutoring on a part time basis. My hobbies are doing yoga, writing my thoughts on my diary, going out on short trips every month and I do outside sports like motor riding, rock climbing and surfing.

Why escapes and diaries?

I developed my love of writing diaries when I was a kid. Since then, I have been hooked to writing my thoughts down. As years went by, my purpose for writing has grown deeper, from scribbling mere thoughts to sharing stories about travel, love, relationships and life in general. I write anything that interests me!


Other random facts about me :

√ I feel incomplete without rice on my plate and a cup of coffee in the morning

√ She’s a country girl.

√ I have 4 different types of diary and  I write anytime anywhere

√ I loves huge dogs and dream of having one. In fact, I am so inlove with the Japanese movie, ” Hachiko, a dog’s story”

√ I’m a carefree girl who loves making new friends around the globe

√ I definitely love unplanned trips and go traveling on my own

√ Seriously though, I’m a total beach bum and I love bikinis and sunkissed skin!

√ My dream places are Madagascar, London,  New York City and Sweden

√ I am going to travel the world! ♡


Send me a message and let’s talk! Don’t forget to share any of my articles that interest you!  ♡