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Have you tried glamping yet? Few weeks ago, I read a blog from Canada, which I found in a comment exchange about glamping. Right there and then, I messaged Chris about the idea of trying out glamping.


The idea was new to him like it was to me, so I tried looking for glamping areas in El Nido. I stumbled upon Cabanas de Nacpan Camping Resort on the internet. Does the name sound good to you?


Well, we tried it out and here are the things we found out!

I read a lot of things about the owner, Raffy. I even got to chat with him on Messenger when I was inquiring about the rates. According to majority of feedback about him, he was nice and accommodating. But those were an understatement because when I met him in person, he was much nicer and much more accommodating than we expected.


Upon arriving at a bus terminal in El Nido, I called him and asked how to get to Cabanas de Nacpan Camping Resort. It was our first time visiting El Nido, so we didn’t know how to get around.


Luckily, Raffy offered to pick us up—for free! He had a spacious tricycle.


From the terminal to the resort, travel time was 40 minutes.


We arrived at almost 8pm. On the way to the resort, we got famished and we were worried that we would have nowhere to get food since it was far from the town. The good thing was, Cabanas de Nacpan offers and prepares meals! A kusinero (cook) prepares homemade Filipino food, each dish ranging from P100 to P500.


The glamping site

Camping in luxury 1

It is practically a camping tent, of course! But way better and more comfortable.

It has a big soft bed, electric fan, two pillows, a bedside table and a lamp!

Camping in luxury at Cabanas de Nacpan Camping Resort, El Nido

Don’t worry about not getting privacy; you can lock it up to make sure you can’t be seen from outside.

Camping in luxury at Cabanas de Nacpan Camping Resort, El Nido

However, make sure to close it before the dark, because insects might invade the room (oops, tent).


We stayed for a total of five nights and five days at Cabanas de Nacpan.


What to love about glamping


There are numerous things to love about our glamping experience. First, Raffy, the owner, would do his best to interact with his guests. Every day during our stay, he was always ready to give a hand. For instance, he’d ask us if we had dinner already or what breakfast we’d like to have or offer us some activities to do and places to check out.


Second, Raffy has the most adorable family members! He has one momma dog and four big puppies! They were my favorite buddies. They were friendly and loved hanging out with guests!

One of the most adorable things to love staying at @cabanasdenacpancampingresort is getting to play and cuddle with their big 🐶! Here is one of them while I was taking photos of this lovely place, she came to the picture! How cute! 😍🐶😂 . . Have you tried glamping? If not, you should! When in El Nido, go try glamping only @cabanasdenacpancampingresort. Full review to be posted on www.escapesanddiaries.com 🔜🎶 . . . #travel #travelstyle #traveladdict #travelstories #philippines #travelblogger #glamping #lovedog #Philippinessummer #wanderer #wanderlust #iamtb #sunkissed #summerdestination #passionpassport #globetrotter #summer #travelers #vacation #glampingresort #nacpanbeach #beautifulmorning #elnidopalawan #palawan #gltlove #glt #escapesanddiaries

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Camping in luxury at Cabanas de Nacpan Camping Resort, El Nido

Third, even though it is glamping, you’ll meet fellow guests and travelers, as the main kitchen and common area are out in the front. So, basically, you’ll meet them during breakfast and have a little conversation in a way that you’re not feeling crowded.

Glamping is a new thing

There are only five available glamping tents at Cabanas de Nacpan, so in total, there only 10 people could check in.


Sounds good, aye? However, there are downsides of glamping. Like I’ve mentioned, there are insects, there’s no flush in the toilet (but they store water, don’t worry). Sometimes, there’s no electricity during daytime and lastly, Cabanas de Nacpan doesn’t have Wi-Fi!


Facilities :


Camping in luxury at Cabanas de Nacpan Camping Resort, El Nido 4

Camping in luxury at Cabanas de Nacpan Camping Resort, El Nido 4


Fact: These issues are common EL Nido problem and the town is resolving them. Other establishments experience them, too, and they’re not unique to Cabanas de Nacpan.


Cabanas De Nacpan Staff and Prepared Meals

Camping in luxury at Cabanas de Nacpan Camping Resort, El Nido 7

Chris’s favorite was the ensaladang talong that cost P150.


Glamping is an alternative albeit luxurious way of camping.


Friendly tip: I wouldn’t lie, there were different kinds of insects flying around, so bring your most effective insect repellant and you’ll be fine.


Cabanas de Nacpan is also a perfect place for stargazing! The vicinity gets really dark at night so prepare yourself for a beautiful sky watching full of bright stars!


Location :

Cabanas de Nacpan is located at  KM 18, Sitio Loblob, Barangay Pasadena, El Nido, Palawan and it’s only 10 minute to Nacpan beach by motorbike. For more information, please contact Raffy on his facebook page.


Insider tip: It’s much cheaper to book with Raffy directly! 


Have you been? How was your experience? Share it in the comment box below! 



Disclaimer: Raffy and Cabanas de Nacpan did not sponsor our stay. This is my honest review and appreciation for his kindness and care during our stay!


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19 thoughts on “Camping in luxury at Cabanas de Nacpan Camping Resort, El Nido

  1. This might sound a bit weird but I think I’ve met those puppies even though I did not stay at Cabanas de Nacpan. I was in El Nido and on Nacpan beach in March this year and we were walking across the beach when I came across these little puppies that looked exactly like these ones! I played with them and clearly, one of the restaurant owners seemed to be the owners of those pets. Maybe it was Raffy? Anyway, I did not know they had luxury camping options at Nacpan, this would have been something I would have considered, had I know. It looks pretty awesome!

  2. Glamping sounds like. Will try it out soon. It looks so cool. It’s sounds like a great place to interact with fellow travellers.

  3. I’m a flashpacker, so glamping is in my blood ha! I love the look of these tents in El Nido; they looks spacious, yet very private too. I like that there’s only a few to rent; it means there’s less people around. Glamping is an excellent way to enjoy a new place, and this one would be perfect for me!

  4. Glamping sounds so much fun while reading this post. After all, there is a downside to every adventure but who cares, when you have stargazing and such a friendly ambiance. Would love to go glamping someday. 🙂

  5. Glamping is the new thing and spreading its wings quite rapidly. I only experienced this last year and it’s a fun way to enjoy a holiday. If you have kids the. Makes it more interesting. You surely had a great stay and Raffy the owner seems to have taken good care of his guests. The homemade food seems to be an additional benefit to your glamping adventure as this is rare. Overall looks a great place. Thanks for sharing

  6. Glamping seems so much fun and El Nido is definitely a fantastic place for that! I like how the owner is around so that you’re not completely on your own in the middle of nowhere. Your tent looks so comfy and spacious!

  7. Nice to see it wasn’t sponsored. While this looks like a great get away from it all break…no wifi! No, I would actually die and my kids would hate me! Sounds like Raffy is a great host, the best way to run a business.

  8. You got me interested in glamping. Luxurious way of camping is a good definition and makes it more clear. I am yet to experience this but really keen to experience at least once. The hardships are bit of deterrent but then I think it is manageable.

  9. Glamping is my kind of camping, it really is the only way to camp! Cabanas de Nacpan Camping Resort looks like a nice introduction to glamping.

    The staff sound so amazing, That was so wonderful for Raffy to pick you up. It can always be confusing and sometimes a little stressful in a new town.

    Such a great stay and the dogs would have just topped it off.

  10. Having done plenty of regular camping, I’d have to say that I LOVE glamping. It’s wonderful not to have to set up a tent AND to have a comfy bed to sleep in. You get all of the plusses of camping without any of the negatives. Cabanas de Nacpan sound like fun. My one problem? I would have taken the dogs home with me — it would have been tough to leave those puppies behind 🙂 .

  11. I feel like you really learn about the culture of a place when you stay at eco friendly glamping or camping stays! the dogs were the perfect addition and the food…im drooling! thanks for putting this on my radar for when I visit!

  12. So interesting to see glamping really taking off. I did a lot of camping with my kids when they were younger. But glamping is something I’m going to have to try!

  13. The tent looks awesome and those doggos are adorable! Raffy sounds amazing as well. I`d be okay with the no wifi though! You don`t need it here 🙂 I want to give it a try! I would just want those doggies to come in the tent with me 🙂

  14. We have our fair share of glamping and we love it. I am already liking this place at El Nido. We have to go to El Nido. When we do we know where we are going to stay 🙂

  15. I’ve been glamping many times and I love it! I don’t think I’d do it in the Philippines. I like an air conditioned room to get some relief from the heat and humidity. But good to know it’s an option.

  16. What a blessing to have had no internet connection. You must have been truly able to disconnect and the beautiful surroundings and amazing stars by night. The place looks really comfy and the little pups are adorable. Have not been glamping yet, but I like the experience at Cabanas de Nacpan and with Raffy.

  17. Seems like you had a great experience. I don’t think I will ever have teh budget for glamping. Even camping looks difficult at times. But hopefully someday! LOL

  18. Glamping is fun. I have done it in Oman and then in Sri Lanka. I find it very interesting to indulge in natural beauty, live in tents, admire the local ecosystem and have all the comforts too. Your experience looks great. I like the instruction which talks of saving water. We have to be careful of the usage of these resources, especially while camping.

  19. Oh this looks amazing. Glamping and puppies count me in!! I had no idea that El nido has Glamping options.

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