June 19, 2017 Catherine Mendoza 20Comments

Malaysia Malaysia was my destination when I first traveled solo, so my heart jumped in glee when I set my foot in that country for the third time. Especially when I saw Petronas Twin Towers. They captivated my heart. (more…)

April 30, 2017 Catherine Mendoza 15Comments

“All I want is a decent job without having to leave my mom. Like that lady from our town. We take the same jeepney almost every day. She wears a nice simple uniform—neat with that embroidered company logo on the right chest. San Miguel Beer Corporation. I knew little about her. She doesn’t know me.”  Those were the words I uttered as a reply to a family friend lawyer when we bumped into each other one hot summer day back in college. His disappointment palpable. “You have a constricted imagination and goal. You have to dream big and see the…