June 19, 2017 Catherine Mendoza 20Comment

Malaysia Malaysia was my destination when I first traveled solo, so my heart jumped in glee when I set my foot in that country for the third time. Especially when I saw Petronas Twin Towers. They captivated my heart. (more…)

April 30, 2017 Catherine Mendoza 15Comment

“All I want is a decent job without having to leave my mom. Like that lady from our town. We take the same jeepney almost every day. She wears a nice simple uniform—neat with that embroidered company logo on the right chest. San Miguel Beer Corporation. I knew little about her. She doesn’t know me.”  Those were the words I uttered as a reply to a family friend lawyer when we bumped into each other one hot summer day back in college. His disappointment palpable. “You have a constricted imagination and goal. You have to dream big and see the…

April 2, 2017 Catherine Mendoza 13Comment

Scuba diving is not my calling. These words were in loop in my mind when I failed on my first attempt at scuba diving. And that what I believed that moment I had to go up the boat where my friend Kris was sitting pretty, taking pictures and waiting for us. I honestly felt ashamed of myself for failing to do one the best water sports on earth that I’ve been dreaming to do one day in my life. Back in my class online, I’d always tell myself that I love the ocean. When I tried scuba diving in the…

February 15, 2017 Catherine Mendoza 2Comment

  Indeed, Boracay Island is one of the best islands in the Philippines. No wondered, I took my mom her here on her 63rd birthday  together with my brother, youngest sister and my best friend. It was so much fun that my mom couldn’t move on from the experience she’s ever had! (more…)