March 16, 2018 Catherine Mendoza 80Comment

“Hi, teacher, thanks for contacting us. How much is your salary expectation?” the interviewer asked me.   “Twenty dollars an hour; that’s the amount I used to get when I was in Hanoi teaching at a nursery and kindergarten school,” I answered. (more…)

August 17, 2016 Catherine Mendoza

Have you ever wondered what it’s like working from home? Have you ever thought what exactly people who work from home do? Or feel? Do they feel satisfied? Happy? Excited? Convenient? Well, you probably are right about what you’re thinking right now. How did they get started?

 Well, let me tell you a short story about how I started working online from home. I used to work as a company secretary for almost two years. I quit when the company didn’t grant my request for salary increase even though I deserved it after all the effort I exerted and the…