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Duli beach, a piece of paradise in El Nido

You probably may have not heard of Duli beach before. Have you?🏖🌊

If you’re heading to El Nido and seems undecided which beach to go, well, here’s my finest recommendation.


Duli beach is one of the most extra ordinary beaches we’ve ever been. It was recommended by a local on our two weeks trip in Palawan. And didn’t dismay! 

Duli beach’s beauty cannot be humbled. Pretty much. Although the trip on the way was quite lengthy on a scorching summer day, it was so worthwhile.

Duli beach has fine white sand like Boracay island. Though I must warn you that there are not a greadt deal of shades here so be prepared of being sun kissed. 


On top of that, If you want to be awarded of extra more  solitary and undisturbed spots, saunter up to the edge. And you’ll absolutely own the vicinity!

Best season to go ☀️☀️☀️😎👙

Basically, March – April is summer season in the Philippines. When we were there, it was the last of week of May, and occasionally in some areas in Palawan, there were drizzles of rain.

What to do here

Instagrammable? 📷👙

Of course! so prepare your ootd or bikinis and take tons of gorgeous photos! Especially for girls!

Go Surfing 🏄‍♀️🏄‍♂️

We saw a few surfing boards for rent. Some waves are good for surfing! Rental fee is around ₱500-1000. Prices may vary. But nope, we didn’t try. 

Snorkeling 🐟🐠🐡

Just bring your own gear 


Sunbathing 😎👙📖

Yep. Essentially, just take pleasure by the heat of the summer in this incredible remote beach. Read a book, sun basking, swimming. However you like it! 

Or buy a fresh coconut from the locals! We definitely did not miss this part!

Coconut price 🌴🥥 – ₱50 each

Where to eat🥄😋

There are small eateries or carinderia and serve basic foods like pancit or pasta. Of course, beer! 🍻 You can also just bring your own foods and don’t forget your water!

How to get there📍

From Nacpan beach by a motorbike along the main highway, it took us 30-40mins. And another 30mi by taking a little bumpy road on the way to Duli beach. Be sure to ask a local on how to exactly get there as the main sign along the highway may not be visible for tourists.

₱₱₱ Entrance fee

P50.  You will also be asked to register before entering

₱₱₱ Parking fee | 🛵🛵🛵


In conclusion, we totally loved our short getaway at Duli beach. It surprised us the most that there’s actually less than five people in the vicinity and a few local kids who were enjoying swimming.

Duli beach is a perfect and exclusive picture of uncommercialized, untouched and wonder of your ideal beach. Not to mention, the lush green mountain surroundings is a grand. This, Duli beach is a real piece of paradise. 


I’m pretty sure I’ve made you jealous by these photos, so the next time you’re visiting one of the most renowned islands in the world, Palawan, don’t miss Duli beach! Just promise to keep it secret! Kidding aside!


Just a friendly reminder:  ☝️☝️☝️

Please don’t leave any trash. Leave nothing but 👣👣👣.


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