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 Updated: February 2018 Henann Resort is the biggest beach resort in Panglao Island, Bohol.


At a glance from the road, the resort looks conventional. Security is tight. Going to the main building is quite a walk.

It was my second time in Bohol, and on my first, a solo travel, I chose to stay at Alona Hammocks Hostel. 


The massive building of Hennan Resort welcomed us as we entered. Pretty ladies were on standby at the reception and the staff were within reach whenever someone needed assistance. The interior was glamorous!



We were served with a welcome drink, too! 


Henann Resort in Bohol exceeds my expectations. A Personal Review 5


Let’s go to our room

We booked a premier room with an overlooking view of the turquoise water and the inviting beach of Alona. It’s summer in the Philippines in May, and everyone flocks to the beach to beat the heat.




Our room had enough space for everything. The bed was huge and I really loved it! It was so soft it felt as though it were a trampoline! (haha)


Henann Resort


Henann Resort Bohol

Yes, that’s me! What a beautiful morning, isn’t it? I wish I had the same size of bed in my room! 


Henann Resort in Bohol exceeds my expectations. A Personal Review


Our bathroom his equipped with bathtub, hair dryer and toiletries that were replaced every day.


Every morning since day one, a staff would come by to tidy up our messy room. (haha) Given the fact that it’s a luxury resort, the staff were so well trained that they managed to clean and organize our cluttered room.




Breakfast at Christina 

Christina’s Western Cuisine prepares delightful luscious foods for every guest’s appetite such as Chris’s favorite veggie breakfast delight: grilled sandwich with eggplant, cucumber, and melted cheese.

Henann Resort in Bohol exceeds my expectations. A Personal Review


At Christina, your food is cooked however you want it.

Henann Resort in Bohol exceeds my expectations. A Personal Review


Henann Resort in Bohol exceeds my expectations. A Personal Review
Our favourite cups of coffee, Cappuccino


Henann Resort in Bohol exceeds my expectations. A Personal Review

Traditional Filipino breakfast is also available upon request.


Henann Resort in Bohol exceeds my expectations. A Personal Review

How about Mexican?



or a freshly grilled salmon


Henann Resort in Bohol exceeds my expectations. A Personal Review
Rice porridge for me, ham and cheese and tropical fruits



Henann Resort in Bohol exceeds my expectations. A Personal Review


Everything was close to perfect. Breakfast buffet is offered to guests by three restaurants. There’s one on the second floor. Sea Breeze, a restaurant serving non-guests, is by the beach. The third restaurant is Cristina’s Western Cuisine, our favorite.

Cristina’s offers a cozy morning when you want to avoid loud music and noise from other guests. It presents a classic ambiance that’s perfect for couples. In addition, service is first class. Since we were there for days, they already knew our preferences.


Swimming pools and pool bar

Henann Resort has three incredible swimming pools that can accommodate all its guests. After breakfast, you can directly jump into the pool and luxuriate yourself or sunbathe on the beach chair that the resort has arranged for your convenience.



Our favorite pool is the one close to the beach where we took a lot of photos.

Henann Resort in Bohol exceeds my expectations. A Personal Review


Henann Resort in Bohol exceeds my expectations. A Personal Review



Henann Resort can also be your prefect venue for an ultimate photo shoot. In fact, every single spot is Instagram worthy, so if you’re an Instagram aficionado and a fan of OOTD, you definitely must bring your best outfit—be it a piece of bikini, or your favorite tank top and shorts!



The best thing that we loved about Henann Resort is the happy hour that starts from 5 pm and ends at 7 pm. Yay! How can we resist a bottle of San Mig Light beer, eh? So, cheers?



Henann Resort is125 meter beachfront.


Unlike other luxury resorts that I’ve stayed at before, Henann Resorts significantly exceeded my expectations of a beach resort accommodation. Of all the beach resorts and luxury accommodations I and we’ve stayed so far Chris and I couldn’t agree more to the certainty that Henann Resort is our top on the list.


How to get there? 


Henann Resort is located along Alona Beach Rd, Panglao, 6340 Bohol, Philippines. You can take a motorcycle from the port or from Bohol airport. Travel time usually takes 30-40 minutes. Fare is PHP150-PHP300. They also offer pick up and send off service for PHP150 per person


Did you ask how much per night? 


Our room cost around $150 per night. Of course, the price depends on the room type you prefer. You can book via

 You can book via or Agoda . Check the price, click here


On a personal note, 

Despite the fact that the internet was slow (which happens pretty much around the Philippines), we would like to thank Hennan Resort at Alona Beach and the amiable staff especially those of Cristina’s for the excellent service. Henann Resort is absolutely one of our favorite luxury hotels. And we’re surely coming back! ♡


How about you? Have you stayed here? What’s your favorite part of the beach resort? What’s your favorite beach resort? Let me know in the comments section below!


                               Thanks for reading! ♡


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, all the write-up are mine. 


All photos credit to my amazing partner, Christoph Kaiser ♡

16 thoughts on “Henann Resort, A Beach Resort We Love in Bohol

  1. Amazing pics! I particularly like the traditional Filipino breakfast. I think your pics by the poolside are the most interesting part of the post. I would love to book Henann resort after reading your post.

  2. The beautiful pool and the yummy platters of food are the two things that attract me the most to this resort. The resort looks lovely, with greenery all around. I will love to stay here some day.

  3. Seems like that have got it all. The food, the room, the pool, the view – everything seems perfect. I love the contemporary decor of the place too. And I can see that you have had a good time too. Nice pics and review.

  4. I wasn’t sure where to go to when I travel to Bohol but this is indeed a beautiful place to stay in. The place really looks stunning and is indeed great for taking pictures. Thanks for sharing with us your experience with Henann Resort. Keep on posting!

  5. The resort looks so pretty, I love the big room, the huge bed and the numerous pools outside. The pool bar is also a really nice touch! I can amazed by how rich the breakfast is and how many options you have to choose from.

  6. This place is really luxurious. Love the pool area. That is where I would have spent most of my time.

  7. Superb resort for a beautiful place like Bohol. It seems you had a time of your life. Planning a solo back packing trip, will try Alona Hammocks Hostel.
    Thanks for this personal reviews which are rare these days.

    Cheers/ Himanshu

  8. This definitely looks like a gorgeous hotel! I love how spacious the rooms are, but it’s too bad that the wifi is a bit slow! It does look like an instagrammable spot!

  9. I can’t believe I’ve never heard of Bohol… Needless to say I’ll definitely be booking a vacation there. I mean welcome drinks? Yes please!

  10. The resort looks just dreamy! It’s perfect for a romantic getaway! I am not the biggest fan of resorts usually…but maybe I haven’t had the right experience!

  11. It looks like a great place for a romantic getaway. That room looks really nice and comfy. I would spent forever reading a book by the pool and just relaxing all day.

  12. It’s the kind of resort that would make me not want to go out and explore, just spend the day relaxing in the hotel! I love the pool and pool bars are my favourite! The room is so cosy, the food looks yummy. I don’t think I’d want to stay in such a place, it would make me a lazy bum. HAHA

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