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Rooftop bar in Hanoi, Love? Of course! 


Can we have a blanket, please? ” Chris spoke to the staff.

For how many people sir?

For two, please.


Blanket? Did you just say blanket?

Chris returned a smile to me. 

Yea, why not?



Top of Hanoi - A rooftop bar that provides a free blanket 9


Oh, I see!  

I was left in awe! I didn’t know that Lotte rooftop bar seriously provided a blanket! I thought Chris was kidding aside but gradually, the staff came back carrying 2 fluffy red blankets. 


It all made sense actually as the rooftop bar’s ambiance was breezy and cold. We were both chilling that blankets were exceptionally necessary.


Here’s what to wear 

Though sporting a proper or a classy attire would always be the best option as the place is merely chic, you’d also mind wearing cover up such as jacket or coat. Dress code is implemented. No shorts, sleeveless or slippers for men and for women, whatever you’re most comfortable of for as long as it’s appropriate. 

Hanoi is an autumn season in August so coats and any attire that could warm you up would be a wonderful idea. 


Where is this? 

Perched on the rooftop of Lotte hotel on the 65th floor, Top of Hanoi offers an amazing panoramic view of the city, Hanoi.

Top of Hanoi - A rooftop bar that provides a free blanket 5

Top of Hanoi - A rooftop bar that provides a free blanket 5

Top of Hanoi - A rooftop bar that provides a free blanket 6

Top of Hanoi - A rooftop bar that provides a free blanket 3


What’s on the menu?

As we’ve planned to dine in at our favorite restaurant after the rooftop bar, Chris and I just ordered our favorite pina colada for me and Mai Tai for him along with a complimentary small plate of peanut. Top of Hanoi also offers some great and sumptuous dining options if you feel like grabbing a meal.

Top of Hanoi - A rooftop bar that provides a free blanket

Price range: $10 and above  ( you may also check their official website Top of Hanoi to know more)


The View 


If you’ve been a fan of rooftop bars like us, It’s undeniable that you’ve been or likely be visiting Top of Hanoi rooftop bar. 


Why we love it?

It’s a perfect place for unwinding or have an amazing view of Hanoi city. In conjunction with the uniqueness of being wrapped us up in a blanket that kept us warm while sipping our all-time favorite drinks, well, that pretty much sums up! 


Opening and closing hours :



On a personal note,

Chris and I love traveling and one of our travel goals is to visit every rooftop bar in each city that we come to visit. Perfectly, it’s one of the unimitable experiences we’ve ever had by far! How adorable is that?


Have you been here? How was your experience?

  • Ibang level, nagpoprovide ng kumot haha… If you love rooftop bars then you should go to IM Hotel in Makati. It has the best rooftop bar in the metro and it’s big. The view is the city cannot be beat. I havent been to Hanoi and I am not really that eager to go back to Vietnam but when I do, maybe I’ll check out Lotte too.

  • Wow, this is truly awesome. I like the idea of providing fluffy blanket to their customers, which is very rare and unique. Yes, probably because on top of the rooftop can be really that cold. I haven’t been to Hanoi, and will surely going to visit this place if I get the chance soon. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  • Katherine Beveridge

    This bar looks really cute! I personally love rooftop bars because you get a view and drinks at the same time. I don’t know why you would need a blanket in Hanoi though, it was so stiflingly hot when I was there! Then again I really don’t cope in hot weather, especially when it’s humid too. I’d love to go back to Hanoi one day and would like to check out classy bars like this one.

    P.s you might want to go back and do a proofread because you have a few repeated words in the first section of this post 🙂

  • It’s great they provide blankets. Too many times I have been eating outside and found myself freezing after the temperature plummeted. It sounds like a very chic place. I like that the dress code is relatively casual but still needs a bit of sprucing up. It must make the whole meal more relaxed yet memorable. And that view! It must be incredible to get a table at sunset.

  • Great view from the top. No wonder you will need a blanket up top:) But a big fan of such rooftop bars. Have been to a few here in Bangalore. Always awesome!

  • The concept of providing a blanket to customers in open air bar is not new to me. In Narendra Bhawan of Bikaner, Rajasthan India, they offer blankets. Very thoughtful of them actually. The Hanoi roof top bar does offer some amazing views.

  • The view is just stunning! Wow! Top of Hanoi rooftop bar is definitely going up on the top of my to do list when I visit Hanoi again. Because last time I was so busy tasting all those delicious street food that I didn’t mange to visit any rooftop bar. Thanks to you, Top of Hanoi rooftop bar will be the first I visit next time.

  • Lydia Smith

    Your pictures are breathtaking. Hanoi is a beautiful city but I don’t know the night view is as dope as this. It’s so thoughtful of the staff to provide you with blankets. This is a perfect romantic spot.

  • It’s very cool that they take care of their guests providing them blankets so they won’t be too cold outside! And the prices aren’t that high at all, definitely something to add to our bucket list, thank you for the suggestion!

  • I love a good rooftop bar because taking in a view with nice drinks is the best way to spend an evening. I love that they brought you a blanket, the rooftop bars in London are all like that because it is so chilly!