Practical ways to getting your Visa

Visa problem?

As a Filipino, the struggle is always a part of acquiring a visa to certain countries.

I can feel you and I know how it’s like to have that desired Visa rejected by the embassy.

Schengen Visa to Germany

For example, In 2017, I had my first attempt to enter Germany to visit my then-boyfriend, now-husband who is a citizen of this land. I had full of hopes and crossed my fingers to get my application approved by the German Embassy.

However, despite the fact that I had my requirements completed, I still got a NO result. So, what went wrong?

Practical guidelines

Though I can not guarantee you that your visa application to wherever Embassy that may get approved by the way, I wrote down some practical guidelines to ease down your frustration over getting one.

Other Visa application to other countries

I’ve also experienced applying for visa extension for example in Bangkok, Thailand and in Hanoi, Vietnam as well as in South Africa and Sri Lanka.

I’m still on the way of writing them all down, bear with me.

Anyhoo, I hope you find useful and practical information here on this Visa page. I wish you good luck with your Visa application!