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Despite being Average, Chief Mau Hostel in Cebu is by far the most memorable

“Hi, I’m checking in,” I said to the simple cute lady at the reception. Her name is Princess.


Oh, sure, but would you mind waiting until 2 pm, as that is the standard check in time?” she replied.


I glanced at my watch and realized that it was only half past 12 noon.



“Oh, I see. Sure. Can I stay at the lounge?”

“Of course.”


Suddenly, I noticed a blue-green eyed traveler staring at me. Since I was exhausted, I didn’t give him much thought. I simply relaxed at the common area and waited for the check-in time.




Just like other hostels, Chief Mau is furnished with a common area where travelers and backpackers can take a load off from a day or chill.


When I came out of my room a few minutes after checking in, I saw the guy again. He was lying on a hammock. I didn’t want to initiate a conversation, but I found myself throwing onto him a few random questions about his travels and how his day went. His name is Christoph, from Germany.

“Are you from America?” I asked with an awkward grin.

“Nope. I’m from Russia, he kidded around, winking. I almost believed him.

We started chatting about travel and got to know each other. He sounded gentle, contrary to the impression his facial features portrayed. He exuded a strong character. What stood out, though, were his eyes and smile.



Hammocks are hung on every corner to swing you to sleep.

He shared with me some activities he had already done through the day like canyoneering that was offered by the hostel. He also showed me some stunning photos to prove it, which made me more envious.


© Christoph Kaiser

Canyoneering fee is ranges P1200-P1,500—that includes lunch and protective gears.


Chief Mau offers free water for its guests. I hope you have your own water container!


To know more about the activity, you may ask the receptionist.



After lounging for a few hours, I went back to my room to unpack.

There are 12 beds in the air-conditioned dormitory-type room. Don’t expect much from it, as it is basic. The photo below is the only one I took. Rate is P500 per night. Other rooms, which you can get for P400 a night, are equipped with electric fans only.

It is in good condition, like an average and basic dormitory. It is clean, but you have to bring your own blanket. The AC is on 24 hours, so you’ll freeze like meat if you have nothing to keep you warm at night.

As for the bathroom, water supply is sufficient, so there’s nothing to worry about. Bring your own toiletries though.




Yay! You can hang your wet clothes here! 


Chief Mau also offers private air-conditioned rooms for P1,550 per night. A complete rates card is available at the front desk.




Chief Mau Panagsama Beach Moal Boal is easy to access via public transportation. Once you get off the bus in the city proper of Cebu, tuktuk and motorcycle drivers are waiting for passengers. If you decide to take a tuktuk, it will cost you PHP 30-50 one way. Travel time is 20-30 minutes. The main bus terminal is nearby where you get off at Chief Mau.

You’ll spot this main entrance and actually, tutkuk drivers are familiar with the hostel, as it is very famous for travelers and backpackers. Easy as 1-2-3!



Later, as the day progressed, Chris and I went out to watch the sunset, a bottle of beer on hand and a splendid kind of dainty conversation.


“You know, some random moments are just so sudden that it can actually steer you to an unannounced beginning that’s so beautiful in its own way.”

He’s funky and easy to be with. He also shared amazing travel stories that made me get closer to him. Bonus is we both love traveling that’s why being with him meant no dead air. He’s also a good listener and has a beautiful smile, so our time together was filled with entertainment until we sewn up to the beach.

He invited me for dinner at The pleasure principle resto-bar where we ordered our favourite foods. I ordered sinigang na baboy that costs around Php150 and rice and he got his pizza.


and headed for drinks at Chili Bar to meet his new found friends from California whom he during his travels.


Even though the beach near Chief Mau hostel doesn’t look great for swimming and snorkeling, you shouldn’t miss to catch the stunning sunset. This was the first sunset that Chris and I shared together.

Despite being average, Chief Mau is one of the most memorable hostels I’ve stayed at so far—and that’s because of him. I treasure the moments we spent together.


The story of meeting Chris at the hostel didn’t end there. Guess what? We’re now together! Sadly, we’re in a long distance relationship. Even so, the relationship is going strong and we’re meeting halfway again soon! How awesome is that? ♡ 


Sometimes, it’s not about the place, it’s about the people you meet unexpectedly that change your life, forever “




How about you? Did you have any unforgettable moments at a hostel? Met a special person? Would love to hear yours!


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                                                     Thanks for reading!  ♡ 

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